Saturday, January 19, 2013

Survey Site Review: GFK Custom Research

If you come across a survey sponsored by GFK Custom Research there is one thing you can usually be sure of – the survey will be long.

That’s the case with several notable survey sites, like OpinionsHere, and GFK is no different. It’s not necessarily bad that surveys are long, but what is often problematic with long surveys is that you can spend a lot of time on them only to be informed that after a considerable time has passed that you have been screened out. Such is life with online survey taking.

GFK is based on New York City, but it’s part of a global network operating in 37 countries with 12,000 employees and its corporate headquarters are in Germany. Its focus is in the areas of consumer, pharmaceutical and media service. That’s why you will see many surveys having to do with medicinal products in the surveys you get from GFK. But, it also delves into automotive, financial, health and other survey subjects.

Note – GFK is not a survey site you sign up for to take surveys; it’s a research firm that distributes surveys to multiple survey-taking sites, so you may see GFK just about anywhere.

GFK claims its corporate history goes back to 1934 in Germany. Indeed its name is composed of the initials of a set of German words that are so long and hard to pronounce that I won’t even try.
For the survey taker the only question I’ve found about taking GFK surveys is time. If I have nothing better to do and am willing to spend (waste?) my time, I’ll take a GFK Survey. Otherwise, I’m prone to pass on it and move on to a survey that is shorter in length. Your choice.

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